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Oh boy where do I even begin? There's so much so gush about that I cant even handle it <3

I think I'll start by thanking the game creator, Ahna. 

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Hey there! First let me say I love this game so much!! ♥♥ and you did such a great job!

Your character writing is phenomenal, I read a lot of VNs and not many of them succeed in making the characters feel truly alive but!! here!!! they are ALL their own person and feel so tridimensional, even the secondary ones have their own opinions and personalities (I love love love Saffron and Chandler!!); the world feels real and populated it's insane (in a good way!!! 😅); the care you've put into building this world is simply incredible!! The compendium is also very well written! not to mention the work you've put into the UI.... just.. so well done;;;

The romance is top-notch, the way you've interwoved it in the main story is amazing and feels very natural. I just finished Lacey's route and it's!! so good!!! ♥♥♥ He might be my fave!

I'd like a clarification on one thing only if possible: I understand you can get practically every outfit and start a new game with the ones you purchased already unlocked, but is there any way to be able to hear the comments of the LIs for every outfit without resetting the game? Because, for what I understand, once you purchase all of them the scene goes as if you don't buy anything and skips the comments.

Anyway, let me say again I love this game very much and that the wait was more than worth it!!! Great work!!!! and thank you!!

Ahh <3 <3 Thank you so much! I'm so <3 <3

Okay the dress thing! Being permanently unlocked is by design and yes, you can trick your LI a little to still get comments-- right after the buy screen closes, open your change clothes menu and change, and your LI should respond as though you just bought whatever you're wearing!

Thank you for playing it!

I can't believe this game is for free! It looks amazing =) Thank you so much for all your hard work.

Aha, thank you! And thank you for playing it!

I heard about this game for the first time yesterday, I just finished my first route a little bit ago (Vadeyn - such a darling cinnamon roll (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) and I had to say this game is fantastic! I'm even enjoying reading the compendium which is unusual for me. The storytelling is top notch.  Thank you for this amazing game !

Thank you!! I'm so glad you're enjoying it, I'm so glad you heard about it ;) ! Thank you for playing!

Hi! I've played through all the route and it was so worth the wait \(owo)/ I loved playing through all the guys routes - Ernol and Lacey are def my faves. Skylar giving my mc igon that I could actually put on was adorable <3 Thanks so much!!

Ughhh one of my favorite things to hear <3 <3 Thank yoouuuu so much, I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

I haven't finished with my first playthrough but I really want to tell you that the writing on this is one of the best of this genre. I cannot wait to delve into all of the characters you've developed and yeah. I chose Lacey as my first romantic interest. Who doesn't love an arrogant bad boy?

Vadeyn, definitely, does not love an arrogant bad boy--

Ahhh I'm so glad you're enjoying it, thank you for playing <3 <3

I haven't been waiting as long as some but I was so excited to play this game. Wonderful distinctive artwork, immersive worldbuilding, intriguing LI's and side characters who are larger than life. Even the way you start the game itself is notable – it's got such immediate impact. The music and sound effects were very well put together, building the atmosphere even more.

Because of the customisation, the range of dialogue choices and the dark fantasy, it feels like you're more influenced by single player RPGs than 'typical' otomes and since I often feel romance is lacking in RPGs even when included, you combined two of my favourite things. My personal favourite LI was Ernol, whose slow-burn into an intense romance gave me all the feels but all of the routes are worth playing. Plus I really appreciated the extra content you put into the Duliae romance if you selected certain actions which answered a few questions – but I won't go into spoilers here.

Essentially this game should not be free. I don't review much. I rave review even less. I hope you take a return trip to Gha'alia one day but I'll keep a lookout for anything you do in the future.   

Oh <3 Thank you so, quickthorn! I'm so very glad you enjoyed EL, thank you so, for waiting for it, for playing it <3

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The game doesn't look bad but the sprites were drawn a bit carelessly - most of the characters look strange. Especially Dulie - he looks like a freak or a victim of bad plastic surgery.

I also was a bit disappointed with the romance in the game - it didn't stir up almost any feelings in me.

I undestand that this game is free to play but the creator could work a bit more on the quality of sprites and the romantic part of the game.

hi! Thank you for playing EL, and for leaving your review! I'm sorry to hear the romance didn't do it for you, and thank you for sharing your thoughts on the art <3

I'm sorry if I sounded a bit too hursh. I hope that your project will anyway have success. 

i understand you're sharing your thoughts but this criticism doesn't seem constructive in the least as these are things that effect you personally; the creator cannot help how her own artstyle looks and seems more to be your own personal preferences into play, a lot of the people did enjoy the artwork and Duliae was one of my favourite romance paths, if you didn't like the romantic paths and art that's fair enough but I don't see why you felt the need to criticise a game that a creator has spent so much time on giving to us to play for free, it's not as if you have spent any money on a product. 

Don't mean to start any arguments but the tone of the comment bothered me and seemed entitled and as someone has been waiting over a year and seeing how hard the creator was working I couldn't help but speak up.

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This is a free country with a freedom of speech so I will criticize whatever project I want, if I want to do so. I didn't ask either for your opinion or for your criticism of my opinion but here you are. I think the sprites in this game look a bit messy(believe me, if artists try harder, their art can look better) and the faces of some guys look strange. If the creator's intent was to make Dulie look bizarre - she did a great job. I know that this game is for free but I was expecting that at least the romance would be more interesting. I sincerely hope that if the creator continues to work in this field, her next games will be better. And I anyway wish this project to be successful.
And yeah, I couldn't care less whether my tone is bothering you or no. Have a good day <3

Please, everyone, let's not start a comment war here. I think all that had to be said has been said, and the author has read it. Let's leave it at that and move on (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*: ・゚

free country doesn't give you an excuse to be an asshole but yeah have a good day <3

I see that you got butthurt by my comments but next time try not to stoop to name-calling and personal insults. It will help you to look less vulnerable and insulted ;)

I guess thats what happens when you live in a free country. People get to have opinions of your opinion, whether you ask for it or not. They don't need your permission.

Best game ever, can't even think of anything to complain about in light of how much I love it. I'm so happy it's finally here, well worth the wait. I may or may not have cried tears of joy every day since it was fully released. ♥♥

oh <3 <3 <3 <3 I'm so happy it's finally done!! ughhh!! I hope you enjoyed it!

Definitely, I'm so glad. I can't wait for more from you. =3

Congrats on the release it was well worth the wait!!! Both the art and the writing is fantastic and the amount of choices for the mc is amazing. I just finished my first play through and I already can't wait to dive back in! Thank you so much for all your hard work <3

Thank you so! Thank you for being so patient! I'm so glad you're enjoying it!

asjdfjfjajd its installing now and im so excited im shaking

Pff I was, too~~~~

Loving it so much so far, to the point that it's 5 AM and I just dragged myself off the game to go sleep haha. Quick question, though - is there a recommended route order? I find myself always craving structure when it comes to VNs, as much as I love the option of choices, and prefer at least having a set path as far as who I romance. Dev suggestions are appreciated <3

There isn't really a recommended route order, though you may get deeper insight into some things with Duli's romance, so perhaps that one left till last (or first, depending on preference?)

I hope you enjoy it! Thank you for playing!

This game was WELL worth the wait !! I always knew it would be but it definitely proved itself !!

First off, I've played all the routes and surprised myself: I played Lacey's out of a grim sense of obligation and curiosity about playing an absolutely feral MC and I ended up liking both Lacey and the feral MC the best (sorry Haron... and my basic decency). She was the protagonist which I felt I built the best, with the perfect balance of madness and control. Lacey broke me down which was a SHOCK: I ended up loving the battle couple dynamic and totally falling for the banter between the two of them.

Ernol and Haron tied for me, weirdly enough: a very INTENSE set of brothers, and I need to run through their routes again now that I understand how to not get at least one of their grandparents merced 😅

The MC was another delight: I usually take VN MCs with a grain of salt, especially if they have a somewhat set appearance, assuming that their development is partially set in stone and that especially in a VN of this complexity, I might not be able to pick every reaction I would think realistic... but I absolutely could. Better yet, all the reactions seemed grounded in the situation: there wasn't a big red EVIL button I could slam to let everyone in the room know that this was the playthrough where I was gunna be a dick, but I could tell people to leave me alone and I could tell people I was scared.

There are a few crash errors, and I'm sorry I didn't keep track of them all (I play mostly at night when I'm only pseudo coherent), but I know that it fails on "It was a lot of trin" (or something to that effect) when shopping for clothes with Duliae, and during Ernol's route when approaching the island against after destroying the sea monster telling him something to the effect of "I won't let you make that choice" (I'm so sorry, apparently on my later playthroughs I forgot that I made saves where there were errors and saved overtop of them) trying to find what I think is an MC sprite (one referenced 'butter/MC' so I'm not sure if that was a typo in the code?) Besides that, I think it was Lacey who had an issue at one point where the MC referred to him as "[lacey]" which I assume was a referential variable meant to decide between his full name and nickname (if it helps, my MC would refer to him by his full name rather than "Lacey"), and I believe it was also Lacey's route where there was a... I don't know how to refer to it unfortunately, but it looked like '%s'.

And i don't know if this was a bug or not (or if it really matters to you, but just in case) but it's technically possible to purchase an outfit in the store and then rollback to the store again and have the full trin to unlock another outfit and repeat until you've unlocked all outfits. I'm not saying I did this, I'm just saying that my MC looks super great and the outfits were an incredible touch. Once I figured out that you could change your clothes in the Compendium, it was OVER for me. 

I understand if those aren't strictly helpful, but I tried 😅

Anyway, I've been following the game for a while and I'm THRILLED that it's finally been released! I devoured the routes in the first two night it was released, and I'm excited for my more purposeful (read: metagaming 😂) reruns. The art and writing are so good and it's so atmospheric and fun and just the thing I needed to buoy my mood !! Great work !!

Oh man <3 Hearing that after all this time it didn't end up a super disappointment is literally one of the best things to hear, thank you so so much <3 

The outfit thing is there on purpose -- so people could unlock all outfits, and then use them if they wanted to replay from the beginning of the game!

Lacey is a lot of people's surprise favorite, from what I've been hearing, has!

Thank you so for letting me know what bugs you founded <3

Ughhh thank you so so much!

Ahhhhhh, it's such a great game? When I first came across EL, almost 2 years ago, I was drawn in by pretty elves, not gonna lie. Ultimately tho, now that the game is out I can say for sure that it was the story that kept my interest, as I was second-guessing my theories about what was going on up till the very end.
I went through all the routes, and, honestly, it's been a long time since I was left so satisfied with the entirety of a VN. Probably because the game has such an abundance of choices, dialogue-wise. Also, lemme tell you: I adore when I can roleplay as a bit (or VERY) mean character so the game has been such a tasty treat in this regard. (And don't get me started on romances. I adored all of them, and for me, someone who always ends up having no more than two favourites... it's a pleasantly surprising developement.)
Really, I can only praise the game and thank you for the effort and dedication you put into it!

is there a walktrough?

This game was truly amazing. I have only played one route so far but I was hooked. It is beautifully drawn, wonderfully written, and I am in love with all the variety and systems you have worked into this. I can't wait to play through more routes and unlock even more of the story. Truly, this game is a masterpiece. Thank you so much for your hard work and for sharing this gem with us.

So I've nearly finished the game with only one route left to go but I've hit on something of a roadblock... in The Blood Circle, when I try to help out the injured elf and ''Go in the circle,'' I die every time seemingly no matter my stats. I eventually caved and peeked at the script, which seems to say that you need Might greater than 300 and/or Brave (Daring, I guess?) greater than 20 to survive. And I'm pretty sure I do? My Might and Daring are all purpled out. Still I keep dying and I'm ready to tear my hair out about it lol, I know I could play the scene several other ways but I really want to canonize this one. I'm playing v2.3. Is it a bug or am I just an idiot? Did anyone else have this problem? Heeeelp.

Oh no! That's a bug, that so should not say 300 it should be 30 -- 300 is totally impossible to get! I will have that fixed with the next update, my apologies! 

Excited to read this!

Does this game have a recommended route order at all?

There isn't, though Duliae does have some secrets that may be best to left at the end (or first!) depending on your preferences!

BEST. BIRTHDAY PRESENT. EVER!! Thank you for all the hard work and updates! I know I haven't been following this game for nearly as long as others, but the community you've built around this game made me feel like part of the family. I'm updating it now and will play the heck out of it throughout the day!

Ohhhh happy, happy birthday!


Thank you so for being so patient <3

Yes! Yes! Yes! I lived to play the full game! Thank you!

Congratulations on your release! Thank you so much for all your extraordinary work! I can't dive into this beautiful game (i'm dowloading the file as I'm writing this) and enjoy the full story.

AAH! I am so excited! I woke up to this being released and I am so flipping excited! 

Well worth the wait! 

Thank you so much for this!!!!

Argh thank you so much!


Thank you so much for all your hard work! I hope you're super proud of the incredible effort it took to make Ebon Light - and now it's finally here!

Now with my rubbish Australian net I'm going to download and enjoy!

Congratulations and thank you again! <3

Oh man, thank you! I hope you're enjoying it!

Hehehehehehe best part of the year is Christmas before Christmas! Thanks for all the work you poured into making Ebon Light come to life. You're amazing!


Oh Misu <3 Thank you so much!

AAAA OMG OMG I'M SO EXCITED! english is not my first language but thank you for all your efforts and hard work and congratulatios on releasing <3 <3 i'm 'in love with this game since the demo, i can't wait to play it! 


OMG, so excited!! Downloading now!

Congrats on the release !! I can't wait to play the full game :) Thank you so much for all your efforts !

Wow, congratulations on releasing!!! You can't know how excited I was to get home and see such an anticipated update. Thanks so much for your hard work and perseverance, I'll be spending this entire weekend playing! <3

Every so often, I scroll through the games on, and I just couldn't stop myself (as if I would even want to) from playing this! No seriously, you had me at:

Ebon Light is a dark fantasy visual novel with romantic subplots, lots of choices, a customizable protagonist, and multiple ways to die.


This has everything

Romance? Choices? Love 'em. Multiple endings? To die for. Being able to customize MC? Awesome. But, being given a diverse range of skin tones? Lovely! 

I've always felt that I exhausted the supply of otomes that were readily available but stumbling into the trove that is proved that false. And now playing Ebon Light, it's like discovering an entirely different take on what I'm used to in otomes! 

And this is free too?

Again: what. 

I didn't mention this above but, being able to attune MC's personality how I want is super cool and will make the replay value 100x better! (Also, being able to call Laceaga "Lacey" all throughout the game was the easiest choice to make lol).

Though I did not like Laceaga when we first find him following (read: stalking) MC, to kidnapping her (not two seconds later!), and (potentially) hurting Vanya. I had him pegged as non-romanceable for me right away.

But, of course, after learning what the others thought about him, picking every choice that irked him, calling him Lacey, and making sure MC told every Elf about the Cuthintal, I ended up finding Lacey kinda likeable. Haron and Vadeyn are still the top tier romance options for me though. 

So excited for what's to come! I'll be sure to keep up with the updates :)

Deleted post

Translation: "Oh no, I didn't get what I wanted, when I wanted it, despite the absolutely massive solo effort on the part of someone who isn't me. I think I'll throw a child-sized tantrum about it. Oh, and be completely wrong while I'm at it." 

The game is not abandoned, as indicated both here and on any of the multiple sites linked above. Y'know. The ones with the updates on game progress. That are a simple click away. 

If you only scrolled down a tiny bit, you'd see other comments (mine, explicitely) directing people who want updates to Discord. If you don't want to join the server, you could simply go to her Tumblr, which is on the links above, as @sadiemorgan indicated in their reply. Ahnna's latest Tumblr post was merely 10 days ago:

You don't have to play this game, but I would ask you to stop spreading misinformation. The game is very much still in progress, in fact, very near completion, and the developer (it's only one woman who does all the writing, art and programming, btw) talks to the players on Discord every day and answers any question asked to her. 

If you'd like to check the updates now or contact the author, please do so. Ahnna is a very polite and good-natured person and I'm sure she'd love to put your doubts to rest. If you want to ignore the game, that's your right, too, of course. However, I hope your 'blacklisting' doesn't imply badmouthing the developer or the game itself to the public. Now, that would be very unkind and certainly impolite. Please, refrain from doing so. 

Have a good day!

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Oh my gosh, you sound so toxic. If I were the creator of Ebon Lights, I would be happy that my game is in your blacklist :) 

I love this game and can't wait for the update. I'm just curious, though, what game engine was used to create Ebon Light?

Ren'Py :)

Thank you!

Holy SH1T this was such an amazing game, I can't wait for the next update! This game was recommended to me by another VN creator and I really did not think it'll be as amazing as it was. Now I just have to wait until January 31st :,))))

also, Vadeyn is such a pure-hearted boi I love him so much xx

January 31st is not the official release date! It might say so at the end of the demo, but there is no official ETA and there won't be. Ahnna will simply upload the complete game one of these "days". If you want more information, I recommend joining the Discord server :) 

Hi, thanks for the update!

For anyone who might be worried: Ahnna's still working on it every day, she doesn't update much in social media lately because she's focusing on the game. If you want more detailed updates, though, you can hear from her on the Discord, so I recommend joining if no-updates make you nervous or something :) 

been waiting for over a year but it seems totally worth it!!!! good luck completing the game :)

I haven't been waiting as long as everyone else but surely don't mind joining! This game is amazing! I've told myself to just play it one time before waiting for the release and that was such a lie ...

I've been waiting eagerly for almost a year so I can wait a little longer! This game is amazing and I'm so grateful for your work on it!!! :,-)

Lovee your game!

Keep up the good work! Your game is gorgeous, the writing is amazing, and I love how everything is so immersive. I'll be waiting patiently!

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