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it's a great game but i'm just wondering where can i get route tipsor guides?simply being frustrated because i can't get an end i want

once again,i love this work

Can't believe this is free?! I love it so much. Possibly my Favorite MC ever, especially in Lacey's route.

Let me be gay and date the superior Milirose

Fr though

I know, right?!

*SPOILER* Please is there a better walkthrough then they vague we were given I'm stuck on Dualie route when you meet the granpa I die there nomatter what I answer him..... I have been searhing like crazy

female li?

One of my absolute favorite games, thank u so much for bringing us this ❤️❤️❤️ i hope there's a sequel cuz i can't get enough of all these characters 🥰

The art is lovely, the plot pleasantly twisty, the heroine engaging and dynamic, Calipoa is a delight, and Ernol is an absolutely scrumptious little grumpcake. Stunning work all around; thank you for creating such a beautiful game!


I haven't played a VN as immersive as Ebon Light in a really long time. The world building is mind boggling & had me greedy for wanting more. I particularly loved the banter between characters. I would rewind choices just to see different character dialogue. This game is so good y'all. Give it a shot. 

The Only note I can think to give, is that this game is wayyyy too short for the story it's trying to tell. The romances happen too fast-- all except Ernol and Vadeyn for the most part, as you can get together right before the climax and your flirtations with them are a bit more subtle until the love confessions happen.

I think the only real problem this game has, is its length. There are some errors in the grammar, spelling and some words are missing but really I can ignore that. The story itself is interesting but nothing ever gets explained. Even at the end, like these other people in the comments, I'm entirely confused.

Are the Cutinah like from another dimension or something? What's going on there?

I know this games' themes are kind of dark, but we could've had at least a bit of explanation for what's going on. Characters we could've met-- like the person we bought our dress from.

She could've lamented that the situation in Gha'alia was bad and for what reasons while we were getting dressed and you could've learned more about the political situation.

Then, if you'd decided to go to the people to become popular, there could've been this whole series of scenes in which you talk to different civilians, finding out what they love and hate about living in Gha'alia. Figure out what the real problems are.

And to the Cuthintal, you could've found out whether or not the Cutinah were actually a threat or not-- and then made an entirely informed decision on whether or not to be selfish and live your life or lock yourself away for the sake of everyone you love.

I feel like I know nothing and like the romances were just a bit too fast. Those are really the only issues I have.

Otherwise, I liked the characters, I liked their interactions and their many different issues with each other, I just didn't get to see enough of it, you know?

I replay this game every now  and then. I think it might be the best romance game.

Loved this game! All of the love interests were so interesting. I wish Chandler was a love interest though, I found him to be so cute! I look forward to any future games by you.

Came for the elf men, stayed for a thrilling narrative full of political strife, ancient power, and cocky assassins!

Lacey <333

This was so good! I would love to read this even as a regular novel, it was so well written!

When will more be released?

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Pour ceux et celles que ça intéresse voici le lien du premier épisode de mes vidéos en français.

  Je ferais la suite bientôt.

Thanks to Underbliss for this amazing game ! 

I love it ...

I loved this game a lot, I didn't know what i was expecting but I did like it. I also really appreciated the dark skin tone for the character customizing. a dark fantasy that isn't too dark you know. I think it would be even cooler to have more plot towards the Cuthintal , because I'm still slightly confused.

 the mc wasn't easily overpowered (in the sense she wasn't a push over) or at least the way I played it. the art style was very nice.

though this was my first play through I chose Haron, and I thoroughly appreciate his characters softness / care towards the character even when it literally meant death. though if I had to give it another play through it would be for vadeyn (??)  or lacey

Overall, a really stunning achievement for a solo game. Beautiful art, beautiful love interests, juicy dark elf world. 

A few comments:

  • The romances are satisfying arcs, but the Cuthintal concept doesn't have a whole lot of payout... I didn't need everything explained, but what we were given was so threadbare! 
  • The battle between Mietwen and Gawloyes is anticlimactic. In general, things do feel climactic/confusing/less tight after the CasCas battle.

However, as far as the characters themselves, I adore them and they are really amazingly beautiful inside and out (Vadeyn, Ernol, and Haron specifically, in that order, though I like Duliae as a character, just wasn't attracted to him; also team I wish Calipa was romanceable because she was hot af, but I recognize that might not be interesting to develop for some, lol).

It's also SO fucking nice to see an MC with real expressive personality choices and who doesn't default to such mealy submissive BS. I was really satisfied with how I got to play her.

Lots of thanks for giving us this gift!

I agree and also wish Calipa was romanceable. I don't swing that way, but for the first time I actually considered it. 😁

Thank you for this absolute gem! The storyline, the lore, the music, your art, your writing - it's all so captivating that I come back every now and then to be immersed once again even though I've basically went through everything 2 years ago. It's also the only game I never delete, unlike what I do with other vns when I'm finished reading. 

Ebon Light could easily be my favorite visual novel out of the thousands I have read if only it gave an option to choose from different pronouns, and were a little less euro-centric and cisheteronormative. But the other aspects are amazingly brilliant that I give it 5 stars! Fully deserved!

This game was interesting and I enjoyed it.

I rarely play dark fantasy visual novels because of the "dark" aspect of it, but this one wasn't so bad. I really cared about the charming protagonist and steered her towards a good ending with Vadeyn. Warm fuzzy feelings are what kept me and the MC keep going and keep fighting through the cold dark world, that not even game overs can keep us down.

The hardest part was when we had to fight the BIG ASS Ship Eater. It's a good thing I save often because this was like a Boss Battle.

However, there are some loose ends left out of the story. Things I would have liked to see is who the other characters got paired up with romantically, what is their happy ending; I wanted to see the harpies and mermaids, I also wanted to see and know more about those mages with their purple colored powers and the one who spoke to the protagonist in her head. I guess this could be left for a sequel.

I already wrote a comment, but I have to say it again. I really love your game! Beautifully written, beautifully drawn... everything is just perfect. This should be a role model for VN creators.

I must say that I can remember how many times I played this game, but I still find something new in it. Amazing... 

But I discovered a strange error... -ish... On Ernol's route, I notice a broken heart on him in the compendium, specifically, in the cave. And in the cave there are a couple of lines where written Lacey, not Ernol. I mean... it could just be my blurred vision or I'm imagining things... because Lacey is my second favorite and his words like... I'll never give up on her... makes me think ... hey, I chose another guy, but now I have my doubts...

Anyway... I love it. Your game is amazing... and you are amazing. Can't wait to see your new projects))))

Had to come back and pay again after finishing it, it's too good not to! A well-written story and so much attention to detail - from the subtle animations to MC's appearance to the large repercussions your choices have. Love how there are almost no choices you HAVE to make to stay on a LI's route - you can role play the character you want (and let the LI roll with that). I was wary seeing the game described as 'dark' and a commenter below talking about 'dub-con' but there's no 'dub-con' here - the world is dark but not in that way and each of the relationships is well-paced and at your choosing. I hope you decide to keep making games, and looking forward to your next work!

This game is simply astonishing. I couldn't agree more to the comments before mine. I loved to play it. You created a wonderful world I was most happy to dwell in. Thanks for the great experience :) 

I'm gonna be honest I died way more times than I had expected :D At one point even thought there's now way to survive through this game at all. I also wonder what is the "good" or maybe "correct" ending, if one's intended. Very dark VN, and a lot of choices (again, more than I expected). I want to go through at least 2 more playthroughs, but I think I will have to take a time off from the game for emotions to settle. I'll be sure to buy it properly, as well, once my paycheck comes.

Just finished my first play-through. I am almost at a loss for words! This game was so brilliant and beautiful. There is truly nothing like it. There were just so many emotions, so much conflict and difficult choices, love, and struggle... that truly made me feel that I had escaped into a fantasy world. The relationships you make and the enemies you face; It felt very real. My first route was Vaedyn. Swoon. He is such a sweetheart. I definitely plan on continuing with different routes! Be prepared to be completely obsessed and utterly captivated with this game like I am. I am so happy I found this game by mere luck. What a great journey. Thank you for creating this. It has truly made me happy!

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Had it in my radar for a while and I'm glad I finally played it, really enjoyed it! Honestly this doesn't deserve to be free lol

I just got around to writing a comment, even though I played this game for the first time in March! To say I love this game is a MASSIVE UNDERSTATEMENT. It is legit my favorite VN ever, including like $20+ ones. All the characters are so unique in their own way and their stories are so captivating. The art style is perfect, the story is perfect, the gameplay? Perfect. My favorite part about the game is honestly the MC. It's rare to see a female MC in VNs who are strong and can take up for themselves. The MC feels so real, yes she has weaknesses and yes she's not perfect, but she is such a strong woman who doesn't need anyones help if she really doesn't want it.

I can go on and on about this game, but I'll leave it here for now. Just play the game already!

P.S. Ngl my favorite is still Haron. 

Ernol is my favorite his passion is so intense...

A unique and fine piece of art! <3

So well written and you can feel the love that was used to create this.

Many unique characters, each one a gem of its own.
But Laceaga had my heart from the beginning ;)

Thank you for sharing your art, your heartwork.

Please stay safe and take care, love your work! <3

The girl who made the game I’m not gonna put her name. She’s on Twitter I’ve been bugging her like crazy with questions about Ernol. I’m doing a fanfic she is so kind and will answer away I’m so afraid she’s gonna block my ass lol. She has a Tumblr where she will answer headcanons and all. However bruh I may play again and I’ve beat this game so many times but I’m now thinking I may try Duliae again because of these comments. However still Ernol is number 1…

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Just finished the demo. Y'all really leaving it on a cliffhanger. I love it. From the variety of characters, different choices and I can change my look!

A little something for everyone to enjoy it.

Can't wait for it to be finished!

Hiii! The full game is released here on! I'm glad you enjoyed what you played!

One of my favorite games of all time. Is there any new project underway?

Hi! Ohh I'm so glad you enjoyed EL so much!!

I'm working on some things, yes! Alas still all very unannounced but I'm working on some things nevertheless!

Good to hear! I can't wait and will support any way i can <3

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Dope game so far! Lot of reading but very interesting concept! Looks like an RPG too?!

Okay so I played through this 4 times first time Laceaga second almost Haron but Ernol than Vadeyn than Ernol. The best is Ernol,Laceaga,Vadeyn,Haron and Duliae like Duliae is so ugly but I am trusting him more. My son loves Haron but I went through with his brother despite being with him throughout than I turned him down later again I can't take Haron seriously. Vadeyn is just too weak hes shy but when it comes down to it Ernol is the whipped one it takes time but hes absolutely changed by you he goes from cold to emotional which he can't deal with. Laceaga gets nicer and is awesome doesn't treat you like a weak ass lady really supportive Vadeyn has special dialogue too. Okay so wish there was some nsfw im tumblr trash whatever also loved Chandler absolute gem. 20/10


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I finished it I got with Laceaga wow the story was amazing.

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I just tried this. You should rename it the Stockholm Syndrome Simulator. Glad I didn't pay money for this abduction fetish piece.

have you finished the game because I promise u if absolutely not that.

Noooo bro what i played this 4 times.

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Dub-con, it's a thing. Some of us are okay with it.  There's an abduction and some dark elements that subjugate consent, that should definitely be a content warning. 

@midichats I did this especially for you, babe

Deleted post

I love it but there should definitely be a content warning for those who don't. 

There is no dubcon in this game, they must be a troll.

You're giving very much stan vibes, babe and that's not a compliment. Please go touch some grass, I'm concerned. 

You tell me to touch grass and yet you use internet slang that every other basic-.... uses on Tiktok and Twitter 😬🥴🥴 Go outside and learn how to speak like someone above the age of 12. Have real human interactions off of stan twitter. You commented just as many times as me, I was just correcting YOUR false information to other people. Said the game has r*pe LMAOOOO don't be mad that you were loud AND wrong 🤣💀💀 Take your L in stride. Now I'm blocking you, your behavior is so weird. Should've just humbled yourself because now you look even worse. 😂😂😂

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Your comment isn't correct, there is no sexual content in this game. Dubcon as explained by Wikipedia:

"Erotica or lemon fanfiction where the presence of sexual consent is unclear."

There's literally nothing of the sort in this game, you are spreading lies and saying horrible things to discredit this developer. I don't know if you're a troll or what, but it's not funny at all. I assume you are incorrectly defining the beginning sequence in which the MC is made to go to a different location for the first 15 minutes of the game, which has nothing to do with any sexual themes. There's no use for a content warning for something that does not exist, and the game script proves away what you're saying. The main character being made to go onto a ship is not dubcon. I would never enjoy games with any dubcon in them myself.  

Edit: You must be a troll because you only made an account to comment this lie. I feel bad that the developer made a free game and these weird troll comments is the thanks she gets. Ungrateful scummy behavior.

Babe, you're embarrassing yourself, I said I love the game. I also said "some of us are okay with it" which includes me. There is clearly underlining elements of consent being subjugated. Dubcon, Non-con, whatever it is, it needs a content warning especially for people who think it's a Stockholm Syndrome game. I commented to reassure people that it is not. I can't believe you thought I was a troll, that's literally me in my pp.

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Huh??? You're embarrassing yourself sweetheart, both dubcon and noncon = R*ape or forced s*xual situations and you said that's what this game includes! 🤣💀💀 That's literally false information! So how am I embarrassing myself when you claimed something entirely false?? If you're going to use words, make sure to use them right, because that's a huge claim to make.  Other comments literally say the same thing as me to refute that other comment, it has nothing to do with Stockholm Syndrome nor dubcon. And you clearly don't know what a troll is, you can have your own pfp and still be trolling online. Dang, you really need to learn your vocab before commenting sis. That's THREE times now 😂😂🥴

Abduction? Is that what I should call it? You tell me since you're so smart and have a big brain. Instead of telling people that they're dumb and don't deserve this game, how about you educate them on it? Since you love it so much, tell them about the plot and content. I'm sure it will help you get the validation you so crave from the developer. 

Then, here's a wild idea- don't play it. If you don't like the game, you don't need to go into the comments and have a little b*tch fest- just do what us regular schmegular joes do and don't play it. 

literally how lol💀 you even have the option to want revenge or to not get with any of them at all

that's just simply not true. idk if this is an spoiler or not but you can choose not to like any of the elves and seek revenge and everything. so, it's up to you if you want to be with the people who abducted you.

@ Bebopbeats:
Can't tell what you are speaking of.
This FANTASY story is so well written and has nothing to do with kidnapping, besides that MC has "something that belongs to someone else" (don't want to spoiler) and is taken to discover how to proceed.

Maybe you didn't catch the story right.

Or maybe you are just a very negative kind of human....   ;) 

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I'm only 1.5 hours in, but I can't believe it took me this long to try this game! Interesting world building, strong writing, tons of choices...why can't more games like this exist? :3 Thank you so much!

Also I've already decided Vadeyn is best boi.

This is such an excellent game. I've logged well over a hundred hours on it, and I'm coming back a year later. I haven't been on the discord for a while, but thanks for making art, Underbliss.

My malwarebytes detected the game.exe as Malware.sandbox?

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