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 Thank you so much for such extraordinary patience.

Torn from her home, an unfortunate soul finds herself caught in an old and buried secret. The virulent elves who claim the poison within her have imprisoned her on their stormy island, some eager to see what will become of her, others eager to keep their secrets safe. 

As she is hunted, she finds allies, perhaps lovers, many enemies. Her whole life she had spent hidden from the dangers of the world, and now, unfurled before her, a harbinger of something terrible, she must survive Gha'alia.

Ebon Light is a dark fantasy visual novel with romantic subplots, lots of choices, a customizable protagonist, and multiple ways to die.

Feel free to get in contact over at Discord, Twitter or Tumblr.

Or, of course...



"This House", "Teller of the Tales", "Suonatore di Liuto", "Prelude to Action", "Past the Edge", "Night of Chaos", "Moorland", "Interloper", "Heavy Heart", "Drums of the Deep", "Pippin the Hunchback", "Angevin B", "Thunderbird", "Soaring"

Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


From freesound.org:

'early morning village all 110417am' by klankbeeld

'rainfrog loop 1' by sithjawa 

'Thump' and 'Thumps, Clangs, and Booms - in space!' by bareform

 'creaking sailing boat' by jimsim                                      

 Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

And a special thanks to the many who helped test and edit!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Nov 09, 2019
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsCharacter Customization, Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Otome, Romance, Story Rich
Average sessionA few hours


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Version 2.12
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Version 2.12
ebon-light-win-linux.zip 751 MB
Version 2.12


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I can't believe that a gem like your game is free. I am obsessed!! The choices, the plot, the characters, the art... It's just SO beautiful, thank you for creating such a masterpiece!! I have replayed it three times already and my interest isn't fading. 

Also, I have to mention my love for Vadeyn. Usually, the kind and gentle LI is overshadowed by the more "exciting" characters, but Vadeyn had enough internal turmoil to make him just as interesting as any other LI. He is so sweet and so haunted by the blood on his hands... I just had to love him. Reading other comments, I can't believe that he isn't a fan favorite, he stole my heart from the moment I saw him. And his interactions with Cali are so enjoyable! I adore them both, they care so much for each other and the "little cousin" line is sooo adorable to me! They are my favorite duo. Ugh, I just have a lot of feelings about these two. 

Sorry if my English is a little bad, it's my second language. And again, I love your game (and Vadeyn), thank you for making it!


Rain? Check. Hot chocolate? Check. A dramatic and rather comedic VN that makes me want to stay in bed and play it for hours on end instead of sleeping when I most certainly should because the romance and plot is so interesting? Check!


geez, been playing lots of VN this quarantine and this one really stand out. Like this game set a new bar of my standard-- Although I still have Ameliori as my top, this game is definitely my second-best VN. I already downloaded like 30+ other VNs this month and played this first, so I srsly started searching for something as good as this one, even started skipping other VN that doesn't catch my attention as much as this one did TvT. VNs are great, and I'm sorry for the skipped ones.

just that, this is really good, I'm glad the makers of this game exist and I DEFINITELY LOVE THE ART. even the story. this is a standard-setter and so good that it's hard to find another one that'll satisfy you after playing this game.


do you have a list of all the vns you play/reccomend? i love them and i've been looking for more like ebon light!

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well, I downloaded lots of them. can't really find another like ebon light but I can still list down some VN that I consider good.

This ain't a ranking, just gonna put numbers before them to make it look organized.

1. Cupid
CUPID - Visual Novel by FERVENT (itch.io)

2. Perfumare (ongoing)
Perfumare by PDRRook (itch.io)

3. Andromeda Six (ongoing)
Andromeda Six by Wanderlust Games (itch.io)

4. Dark Nights
Dark Nights by pinlin (itch.io)

5. Lake of Voices
Lake Of Voices by GBPatch (itch.io)

6. Our Life
Our Life: Beginnings & Always by GBPatch (itch.io)

7. Tailor Tales
Tailor Tales by Celianna (itch.io)

8. My Candy Love (online, browser or mobile.)
My Candy Love, a game of love and flirting for girls!

9. Cinderella Phenomenon
Cinderella Phenomenon by Dicesuki (itch.io)

10. Enamored Risks
Enamored Risks by Crystal Game Works (itch.io)

11. Missed Messages (I really like the art in this game, sad that it's too short.)
missed messages. by Angela He (itch.io)

welp, these are about everything I found interesting (it's like 12am in my place so my brain cells already abandoned me and my poor soul so I'm not sure if these are all the VN that I found interesting HAHHAHA still, all VNs are great, efforts are poured in them so there's no such VN that deserves to be called as "really really really bad" some just stands out too much that they became too big for the small ones to handle). Anyways, Imma still drop some screenshots of the VNs I downloaded if you're still interested, I haven't played some of the VNs at the picture I dropped btw, so it's for you to judge if it's good or nah hahaha.

so yeah, I had fun playing these games, but just as I said in my previous comment, I really can't find something like Ebon Light that my eyes and mind kept searching for. I really love that game and will remain one of the greatest VNs I played.

What's that Ameliori visual novel you mentioned? I'm sorry to bother seeing that you pulled out the whole list and everything already, but I can't seem to find that particular one


Everything about this is just tingles. 

Absolutely lovely, dark twisting storyline, fun awesome options, and everything you do not expect. I keep crossing my fingers for a continuation of the story. People be making Arcana fanart, but I'm over here drawing Ebon Light fanart. This is certainly a magnus opus. I adore it and the human(s) who created this. 

Thank you so much for sharing your skills with us. Made my 2021 year. <3


amazing art style. perfect night game ♥️

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This is probably one of my favourite visual novels. It's very well written, the art is extremely well done and the attention to detail is astounding. I'm excited to see what else the developer creates!


Wow...I am obsessed with this interactive story. The storyline was amazing and the art style was absolutely beautiful. I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you for producing something so amazing.  Also, I am a simp for Laceaga!



I just wanted to congratulate you for creating such a masterpiece! The story is just absorbing, characters are intiriguing, the lore has such depth and the environment accopanied by the music just reels you in. The story isn't straightforward and had me guessing until the very end (which rarely happens for me so I was astonished)! The game is amazing, the choices (and the compedium) are detailed and give this game a higher level of depth, the characters are remarkably well written, their behaviour and the story is just so well put together that the world you have created truly came alive for me!  Thank you for the time and effort you had put into this game and for giving us a chance to experience such remarkable gem of a game. You have astounding talents, my hats down to you! 


I love this! The characters, the story, the art! It's all so lovely and beautiful. Great job! :)

Thank you!


This game captivated me so much that now that I've finished playing i feel so empty T-T i'm just gonna replay it until i found every ending possile hehe. but seriously it's so so soooo good and i love the style of it. honestly you could make this a movie


Ohhh wow <3 Thank you so much! I'm sorry about that feeling, though I do know it and it is insanely flattering in a very bittersweet way to imagine something I made would do that, my sympathies and thanks all ahh <3 


I know this free game must've taken you forever, but do you plan to make more projects soon?! I'm so greedy haha. I played this game probably a week or so after release (over a year ago?), and I really cannot stop thinking about your enchanting writing style. I hope you plan on releasing more projects -- I'd definitely give a hefty sum to back you and monetize your art this time!


Thank you so much! I am working on some projects yes and certainly hoping none take as long as EL did but so far its nothing 'official' yet <3


Nice work. I wasn't sure if Renpy can do RPG style interface, until now... I will give you a hefty donation to fatten your coffers...



Thank you!


Can't stop going back to the game and re-reading it all from scratch. Vadeyn started out as my favorite, then sweet Haron. Now, even all this time later, I'm OBSESSED with Ernol. It's a really difficult thing to do, properly building tension. But it was very natural, very well done. Even though his confession takes longer to reach, it is no less amazing. You have the mark of a talented story-teller from me for this: your characters made me fall in love with them. Even Caliopa. I felt that the characters were very vivid and real, and that made them all so easy to love. I can't wait to see what you'll do in the future.


wow this was just amazing i have no words im in awe

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Really enjoyed this one so far, great art and a substantially long story. I also really appreciate that it's not too difficult to get a "good" ending, unlike many games. I'm looking forward to getting to kiss the rest of the dark broody elves :D

(Also anyone who calls me "Rabbit" gets my vote)


I keep drowning, I dunno

Why? Where in the story do you have an issue?

(2 edits) (+7)(-5)

I was gaslighted by Lestat de Lioncourt, and then I began a relationship with him even though the rest of the characters wore an expression I can only describe as: BITCH, WHAT ARE YOU DOING. 

Jokes aside, I appreciate the length of the game; some of the games around here are unnecessarily/frustratingly short, to the detriment of the game itself. This is a solid 4/4.5, but I’ll give it 5 stars. I mean, it’s fun, engaging, and free. I am nothing if not grateful and budget conscious. I can overlook grammatical mistakes and miscellaneous flaws when a game is this entertaining. It has considerable replay value, as well.

Fun fact, I thought the game was about vampires, and I was surprised when it turns out it is about elves, haha.  

My first complaint would be that hair options and customisation for the MC were a tad underwhelming (except for the clothes, ugh, I’d die for those).  I wasn't a fan of the character designs at first, and then I came to love them. I love they're not animesque; they suit the game. I mean, blond pimp fossil daddy with thick, luscious lips? Yes!

However, I will be forever mad that Calipoa wasn’t a love interest. Skylar could’ve worked as a love interest, too. I thought either she or Cali would be the Gay Option. I was disappointed when there was no such option at all, not even a poly option with Skylar and Duliae.

My second complaint/nitpick would be that the choices are odd. Usually, I can tell the tone of the dialogue option I’m choosing. But here I’d choose an option that sounds friendly and then it’d be aggressive. I didn’t know which choice would raise which stat, either. It was unnecessarily confusing. 

Also, it’s unfortunate how the game loses steam after the Cas-Cas? It feels almost like the developer didn’t want to tinker with the game anymore (understandable, as the game is long enough to be satisfactory by that time) and just cut the end and epilogue short to publish it already. The anticlimactic ending and choices regarding Gawloyes’s drama are underwhelming. I see people complaining about the Creature’s choices and endings, but I disagree. The Creature part is well done, and it is the Gawloyes drama which disappoints. 

In conclusion: Length = Great! Free? Yes way! No gay romance? = Me Sad. I would play another game by the developer. A sequel of some kind wouldn’t be half bad. *hint hint*  

For anyone new to the game, I’d recommend playing the romance routes in the following order: 

Lanceaga: Get that sexual tension out right away. Also, don’t miss the dialogue option that will nickname him “Lacey” for the rest of the game.

Vadeyn: Cute, cute, cute!

Haron: Deceptively straightforward. His is my second favourite romance.

Enrol: Hard-to-get ice king. This and Haron’s romance are perfect appetizers for the plot-heaviest route, which is… 

Duliae: Play with high Cunning, rob him blind, explore all the dialogue options. This is meatiest romance, so to speak, and I would play an entire game of it. It goes without saying this is my favourite romance. It’s a shame that it suffers from the constraint of the other romances, because I think it could’ve/should’ve been a lengthier romance.

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I'm sure what I love about this game has already been said by other people (best otome I've read?? great storyline, great world, the plot points and writing Makes Sense, nuanced characters, engaging dialogue, so much freedom in alenca's personality, and character customization!!!!)

but i want to especially THANK YOU for the excellent font choice. It's so readable and puts minimum strain on my eyes! You even included bigger text option in the settings! Yay! Thank you so much for this.

Most fantasy VNs/otome tend to use serif fonts for the aesthetic but unfortunately for me their dainty little legs makes it very difficult to read so I tend to shy away from fantasy VNs in general (ridiculous I know, but I don't want eyeaches when I want to relax and enjoy something


I just played one hour of the game. I'm not relly into visual novel usually, but I love this one! The art, the story, the characters, everything is so cool... Congrats!


I love the game and art style but I wish there was a log or back button to read what I missed.


I think you can move to previous dialogue (and even choices!) by pressing backspace

Mouse scroll up also works :)

Thanks :>

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 I really love the characters and story but with the ending choices I feel like there's no consequences... Like nothing bad or different really happens if you kill the creature or not. I wish there was more evidence of your choice having an impact. As it is it just feels... pointless? I literally wayed the pros and cons of killing the Being and it literally barely mattered. lame 

what happens if we kill the being?


You DON'T have to stay trapped forever in that cavern with it? Basically it's the 'selfish' thing to do because you're killing a benevolent entity because of the risk you 'might' lose control of the cuthintal but if you want your character to actually have a life/future with the love interest...also depending on choices you might gain the cuthintal's respect and since apparent he's a physical being on the other side of the planet you might actually meet him one day.


Words still can never fully express my glee that you can sort of just say "no thanks <3" to the plot and just run away and be in love???? When I first played I thought "no way am I going be allowed to do that" and yet that is exactly what happened. 


Is this the full game? for me it ended when she leaves the hut after people were banging the door and she found a way out through a slide.


Hi! That is a dead end! I've had a handful of people report the same issue--I think that death is too ambiguous :( You should be able to continue if you pick another option!


Oh, so like I shouldn't escape through that slide, and maybe choose to stay in and fight?> Hmm, I will try that then. :) thanks for the reply mylady :) Great stuff you did with this art - should I call it rpg visual game? You are so talented. Keep writting stories like that, people need it. I would have payed for it but I wasn't sure what kind of game or thing it was before trying it. But now I will pay, so you can go on doing it. People like you need support to keep doing their art. In romanian we have a saying - :""Bafta!"wich means something like "good luck!" Well, a wish for your future creations,so I couldn't translate it properly I guess.

Thank you!!

Ahh, the murky definition between visual novel/game,  in my opinion call it both/whichever!

Thank you, again! I hope you found your way out from the harpies!


I really felt left out when I saw I HAD to have romance, and with one of the guys. I really was looking forward for Calipoa instead, bummer :(


Ohh, yeah a lot of people got into it thinking she's a romance option when she wasn't, I'm sorry :( 
Unless I'm misunderstanding, as to the first part of your comment,  you can play without romance, though.

(3 edits) (+1)(-6)

Oh, my mistake then. When I saw a list of male-only list of carac I could accompany for a romantic stroll after being spared, I jumped to the guns "still a hetero only thing where you have to date, rhhhhaaaaaa - while I made sure to insult all the guys since the beginning !".

I guess I'm so fed up with hetero romance that I may be a taaad too quick to dismiss all when I feel it's coming, sorry >_<


That's alright! Ahh, the romantic stroll after being spared, oh yes... yesss you are indeed forced to go with someone there, hmmmm. You can be, err, unpleasant/combative/uninterested during it, but yeah, it does get forced. 


Dear Author, thank you so much for creating this visual novel! It's totally my new favourite :D

I admit, I'm in love! With the plot and the characters, and also the fact that this Visual Novel gives me a lot more flexibility than I'm used to (with personality). It's so amazing, and I will continue to support you! 

- A fan <3

Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and thank you for your support!



I really love the game, however, I seem to have an issue saving. I am using the Mac os version on the itch.io app and whenever I try to save, it shows a screen that says "an exception has occurred." I wonder if Underbliss or anyone else knows how to help? 



OK! I think that I managed to solve the problem; I downloaded the game directly from the itch.io website instead of the app and I can save files now! 

Anyways, this game is seriously amazing and I'm glad that I can now enjoy it to the fullest!

Thank you for posting your solution! And reporting the error! I'm glad you enjoyed it ( err, you know after fighting bugs I assume ahem ) 


Different face shapes would have been nice


Yes, I agree! Thank you for your feedback!


Wow this was amazing! I did not expect that amount of depth and detail! I thoroughly enjoyed it and I am excited to play through again! Thank you!!! ❤ 


Really liking this so far. ^^ But I did get quite a few errors kinda late into Duliae's route (especially around the book section) due to outraged butter face. I'll try a different skin tone next route, but I thought you'd probably want to know? The writing is excellent tho

HUMM I took a look at the files and I couldn't find anything (though I know this is almost a month old at this point), but thank you for letting me know!

Iif this persists for you or anyone else, a screenshot of the error would be super helpful, but best I can figure something happened to that particular download of the texture, and redownloading it might fix, hmmm.

Thank you again!


This game has the highest replay value of any game I have ever played and the best story. It is honestly perfect, and I love it. It's engaging, funny, clever, and just really satisfying to play. Characters are written incredibly well and change as the MC's personality changes. Please make another game.


Happy birthday to Ebon Light (well a little late but who gives a damn? XD). Such an amazing game and one year later I'm still in love with your universe. Cheers and I hope you'll keep on creating for us! 


Such a good game. The art, the story, the LIs (there's usually at least 1-2 that are a hard pass but not this time)...this is awesome. Greatly recommend this game

Side note, the dagger that Ernol gives you...can you do anything with it? There's still so many items that I have no idea when they get used.


OK after a lot of searching. I realize why I couldn't get the scene. It is Imere you can save with a plus 4 grip. Well I feel silly. 

(1 edit) (+2)

How do you save Chandler? I read that you need 4 grip to do it, but I have been unable to get 4 grip. Could you please help? It normally goes from 3 to haunt.



You don’t need 4 grip to save Chandler, as far as I know! You just need to keep him with you when you’re fighting the sea monster. If you send him away he dies.

(1 edit) (+1)

I know that I just want to see what happens when you do use grip. I have resorted to trying to add it up, but I can't figure it out the only thing I can do is keep him there with MC. 


I literally made an account so I can comment this:


The characters, the multiple storylines, the romances and story itself!  I love Lacey! 

I wish it never ended! I almost never replay a game but with this I just CAN'T STOP replaying! I really really hope we can see more games like this! Thank you!


Ebon Light remains one of the few games I can play over and over again and sporadically find myself returning to. You can tell that a great lot of effort and love went into making this. I'm looking forward to seeing more work from Underbliss!


I'm enjoying this game but I had to turn the music off because "Teller of the Tales" is the same song used in a game called "Merchant". It's another amazing indie game but it was too distracting since it's a completely different genre. unlucky coincidence for me.

My main issues with the game are the following:

1) compendium screen is too transparent

2) when given a choice in dialogue, I think it's better to have the dialogue options display underneath the preceding text rather than above it. At least in English it's better that way. 


This was truly a memorable game to play. Far better than I expected. Though I wasn't sure what I was expecting at first, whatever it was, if any, was far exceeded by the actual visual novel itself and the overall story it told. It's the kind of thing that sticks with you for some time afterward, and doesn't want to leave, so that's saying something. It also has a ton of replay value, for those who are wondering about that. Five romance options, all Gh'allion Elves of the dark isle the main character finds herself on.

I also love the lore that's been given. I noticed that on my second playthrough, more lore can be unlocked, and it will give a purple bar to show just how much has been revealed so far, so that is yet another reason why multiple playthroughs would be a must, if you want to know all there is to know about the game and the background of the world it takes place in. The music is sad and somber at times, as well as danger/anticipation-inducing, so that's yet another plus to add to the mix. With one of the endings, it made me shed a few tears due to its outcome, but it is by no means, the only ending the MC could have.

If I were to give a complaint, the only complaint I would have, and this is minor, is that the scroll bar to read the compendium is rather annoying to click on and move it up and down to read all the information. You have to click on just the right spot in order to get it to behave, which can be a nuisance at times. This also goes for the save/load menu. But again, compared to the story and the awesome experience this game gives, renders that a rather moot, and unimportant point overall. At the very least, it is greatly lessened, and hardly a damper on one's enjoyment.

I am on my third playthrough now, my first playthrough having lasted a couple days or so. Despite what it says about the visual novel only being a few hours long, it took me longer than "just a few hours". Which was nice, because if it was too short, I might feel a bit cheated. But I didn't. I anticipate at least a few more playthroughs of this wonderful game.

If you're looking for a wonderful, memorable, story-rich visual novel about facing hardships, dangers, the unknown and finding out the history about a people the MC had never known about before, much less had never met before the start of the game itself, as well as inter-species romance, this is most likely something you're going to want to download and see for yourself just what it's all about. I doubt you'll be disappointed, I certainly wasn't. Quite the opposite. 

A bit more about the story told: 

The MC starts off in the village of Edric, within the Burned Forest, having lived in a tiny hut with her aunt Vanya her entire life, her aunt having raised her since the MC became an orphan after her father died, and her mother also being dead. It doesn't take long for her life to change dramatically, in which she is then swept away on an "adventure". Whether she wanted to go or not, she had no choice but to go where fate, luck or chance would take her. The strange power inside her begins to make itself known over the course of the story, something that was thrust upon her due to an unfortunate incident that occurred towards the VN's start, one that would end up changing her life forever, in both good and bad ways.

Character Creation... 

The player has six choices to make for the character herself. Name, hair style, hair color, eye color, skin color, and disposition. These will influence what your character looks like, what she is called by, and how the story will unfold, according to the different choices that are made. Or you can keep the default name of Alenca Goffil, and start playing right away, with no character screen changes. The age of the character stays the same, and is generally assumed she is a young adult or an adult, at least 18 years old, if not older. Whatever last name you choose for the MC, her aunt's last name will also reflect the surname choice of the female protagonist. You cannot change the race or the gender, the MC is meant to be a human female, and a peasant from a small, secluded, and out of the way village.


Simply put, get it! I donated money to this, even though it was free, and even though I didn't know what I was really going to get at first, I personally think it deserves to have a DL price. My moderate donation wasn't enough, I don't think, for how great this game truly is. Definitely a favorite of mine now. 


I love it. It's perfect. I have no words. It's just amazing – the story, graphics, music, characters. Wow.


So, I just created a account on itch.io just to leave a comment here. It's just one of the most refreshing otome i've played since a while !

To be able to choose our MC, her interactions, the LIs (Lacey and Ernol <3), the differents plots, everything is cleverly designed, and so agreable to play/read. The art and musics are nice too. The timing, the writing, everything was made to immerse yourself in this novel.

I will now follow your future works, and will support you. I will also share this gem of a game, that you brought us. 

Thank you for this game !  m(__)m


This has to be one the best visual novels I have played. Amazing story and so many choices! Love the twists and turns and worth playing

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