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Jan 28, 19: Hellow all! I know it's been a long long wait, so much so that Jan 31st is coming around again, and I'd like to clarify that this date was from last year. I'm still working on EL, I update frequently on DiscordTwitter and Tumblr and I'm currently around 92% fo the way there!


Torn from her home, an unfortunate soul finds herself caught in old and buried secrets. The virulent elves who claim the poison within her have imprisoned her on their stormy island, some eager to see what will become of her, others eager to keep their secrets safe. 

She finds herself exploited, bolstered, and hunted. Her allies are unlikely. Lovers, even less so. It is, perhaps, the chance she's been waiting for her whole life. Or, perhaps, she just wants to go home. Be it an unwitting catalyst, a harbinger of destruction, or a pitiable human doomed to die, the island is unforgiving, and the poison quickly spreading.

Ebon Light is a dark fantasy visual novel with romantic subplots, lots of choices, a customizable protagonist, and multiple ways to die.

Feel free to get get in contact over at Discord, Twitter or Tumblr.

Or, of course...



"Drums of the Deep", "Heavy Heart", "Interloper", "Moorland", "Night of Chaos", "Past the Edge", "Prelude and Action", "Suonatore di Liuto", "Teller of the Tales", "This House"
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


From freesound.org:

"Rainfrog Loop 1" by Sithjawa
‘’Early Morning Village’ by Klankbeeld

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

And a special thanks to the many who helped test and edit!

Updated 25 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
GenreVisual Novel
TagsDark Fantasy, Fantasy, Otome, Romance, Story Rich
Average sessionA few hours


ReverieEbonLight-1.1-linux.tar.bz2 384 MB
ReverieEbonLight-1.1-mac.zip 380 MB
ReverieEbonLight-1.1-win.zip 382 MB


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I love this so much- I absolutely cannot wait for the full release! The concept is so entrancing, and I especially love Lacey. <3 Good luck in your final push!


94% Done! (you can check how far along the prodject is by going to her blog at www.underbliss.com of which I have checked in every other day since last January and can not express how happy I am that it's so close to completion, great work creator!)

Omg I LOVE THIS! The art is not my style at first, but the more I play, the more I find it beautiful~ Actually, from all of those screenshots, the one that caught my eyes and made me decide to play this game is the one with the monster crawling out from the crack. XD About the plot, I don't know how to feel about it yet but it's sure full of surprises and well written. :'3 Usually, I can predict the character's behavior quite good but not in this case it seems. ^^; Anyway,  can't wait for the full release to court my baes! Hell, even if this game was commercial one, I would be gladly give my money to you. Keep up the good work! OvOb

We can't wait to play the full version of the game! Thank you for your hard work <3

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Omg I LOVE THIS! The art is not my style at first, but the more I play, the more I find it beautiful~ Actually, from all of those screenshots, the one that caught my eyes and made me decide to play this game is the one with the monster crawling out from the crack. XD About the plot, I don't know how to feel about it yet but it's sure full of surprises and well written. :'3 Usually, I can predict the character's behavior quite good but not in this case it seems. ^^; Anyway,  can't wait for the full release to court my baes! Hell, even if this game was commercial one, I would be gladly give my money to you. Keep up the good work! OvOb

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Hey, guys! It's January 6th and Ahnna has completed 88% of the game. Your nice comments are greatly appreciated <3 

We are developing a Wikia for the game, so feel free to contribute or read it! https://reverie-ebon-light.fandom.com/wiki/Reverie:_Ebon_Light_Wiki 

(Big thanks to @chaftoo who had the idea and is working hard to develop it!) 


The art in this game is beautiful, the story is creative and well written, I love the characters and the choice to change your character's clothing, hair, skin  colour and personality is great.

I love the detail that's gone into the creation of this game and I cannot wait to enjoy it once it's finished.

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Recently stumbled upon this beautiful game and just wanted to thank you.
That's wonderful on so many levels.
P.S. Lacey one love ^_^

hahahhah yes, team lacey!


*whispering* team vadeyn 


I wish I could describe how amazing this game is. The artwork is beautiful, the characters are deep, the plot leaves me spinning. The added touch of being able to customize your character immerses me even further into the story, I feel like i'm actually in the moment trying to figure out how to survive in this strange world. What makes it even more shocking is that it's free. This game is a jewel and worth so much more. I can't wait for it to be completed just so I can play it over and over again. 


This game looks amazing, I look forward to seeing the finished version. Keep up the great work! :)


In case anyone doesn't regularly check her blog, she is done with 77% of the game as of November 28th, 2018! I'm so excited for its completion and cannot wait to get back to enjoying this absolute gem! <3


I fall in love with this game. Ebon Light demo is absolutely amazing! So beautifully done. And I love the customizable MC.

I LOVED THE DEMO, I can't belive this game will be free, IT IS TOO MUCH PERFECT TO BEE FREE. I'm glad I just discovered it, from what I can understand is "nearly" done, and as soon I will finish it I'll surely make a donation, really this is the type of content I love to see on itch.io. Great, great job developer! I have a question though, just out of curiosity, there is a content rating for this game, like 15+, 16+ or 18?


Not 100% sure since it's been awhile since I played the demo, but I would say 15+. It has some suggestive stuff if I remember correctly, but nothing R rated

Thank you!


I love this demo! It's amazing, I'm very excited for this game. It's also nice to see how much you care for this project. I also don't mind that this game has passed a few of your deadlines. I can't even imagine doing something this brilliant all on my own and just knowing that, that's the boat your in makes it completely understandable.

I'm sorry I've not commented sooner, I'd known about it awhile now but never thought to post how wonderful a job you've done. I hope your not working yourself too hard and manage to get some time in for yourself.

Can't wait to see the entirety of what you've made. I know it's going to be fantastic! :)

Deleted post

Nope, sorry! The love interests are: Vadeyn, Laceaga, Haron, Ernol and Duliae.


Just so you all know, in the discord's general el chat, Ahnna has been updating us on her progress. She's about 30% complete. Please just be a little more patient with her and all will be well! She's working super hard because she wants  this to be perfect. I'm sure we will all be more than happy at the end of it! (Especially since that doll is givin' us this rad game for free!) So be a little more patient, friends!


I am really in love with this! So well made! I hope you finish this soon, because I don't think I can wait for too long! ... I mean, of course I can wait, I don't have much of a choice here anyway.  hahahah

i will wait until its finished i get to impatient wjen im left hanging


Hello all, I've posted an update on underbliss.com, going into a bit of detail about what's been going on with me. I apologize for the extreme wait on this project and plan to update much more frequently until it's finally done.

Thank you very much for the kind and encouraging comments <3


still nothing :( not even an update


Any official updates (besides discord)? There hasn't been any recent activity on tumblr or the main website. 


Is this still being made?


Yes, it still is. You can always join the discord channel and chat with the Author and get earlier updates. 


To be honest I hope that Calipoa is a potential love interest. 


Same, was disappointed when she didn't have a heart on her portrait. 


I'm in LOVE with the demo!!!! A brilliant job! Thank you for creating it!

after jumping out the window, the game started to lag really bad for no discernible reason. restarting didn't help.


I think it has to do with the rain animation.


There's a typo in the game code; probably 'Duliaerepsect' needs to be 'Duliaerespect':

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.
While running game code:
  File "game/script2.rpy", line 4248, in script
    $ Duliaerepsect += 4
  File "game/script2.rpy", line 4248, in <module>
    $ Duliaerepsect += 4
NameError: name 'Duliaerepsect' is not defined
-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------
Full traceback:
  File "game/script2.rpy", line 4248, in script
    $ Duliaerepsect += 4
  File "C:\Users\dunna\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\Ebon Light\ReverieEbonLight-1.1-win\renpy\ast.py", line 848, in execute
    renpy.python.py_exec_bytecode(self.code.bytecode, self.hide, store=self.store)
  File "C:\Users\dunna\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\Ebon Light\ReverieEbonLight-1.1-win\renpy\python.py", line 1804, in py_exec_bytecode
    exec bytecode in globals, locals
  File "game/script2.rpy", line 4248, in <module>
    $ Duliaerepsect += 4
NameError: name 'Duliaerepsect' is not defined
Reverie: Ebon Light 0.0
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Since the demo contains a few hours of gameplay, I wonder if the full game will still contain our save points? 


I'm pretty sure it will but it's never recommended to use saves from demos in the final game. You will probably find bugs or the game could crash. Besides, the final product will change things from the demo, so it's better to replay from the beginning. 

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this game is really good, like really really good, like really really really good.

i am in love with all the characters (every time i met a new character, i was like 'okay, so another one i have to romance now lol'). the writing is so good and the art is so pretty. you get to customize your character!!!!  i am v excited for the full game. i honestly can't believe that the dev is planning to release this game for free. that means there's no excuse for at least trying it out. you won't regret it.

i am very excited to see what happens next!


hey, i love the game so far! i love the characters and the art *cries*. the whole thing (the world) is so detailed, although i'm quite curious about the other races other than them :''>. looking forward to it!



I just wanted to let you know that I finished playing the demo and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I'm already replaying just the demo alone -- I love how every choice has a different consequence, and isn't just like "all-roads-lead-to-Rome"-ish (I mean, I know they eventually lead back to the plot at hand, but it's just every choice is distinctly different, adding to the replay value).

The art is also so beautiful and all the characters are so unique. I also admire the entire world you've created, as well as the amount of work you've put into it. I look forward to seeing the final product! <3


I'm looking so much forward to this I actually come once or twice a week juuuust to make sure if there isn't an update or if it wasn't released. *sigh* Thank you for the incredible demo! For once a VN where the choices don't feel binary, I actually go between one kind of answer to another depending on what its going on and it adds to the character's personality. No more picking every choice of a certain personality on my first playtrough , in one game at least!


Not gonna lie, I'm hoping the commander can be a potential love interest.

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Oooooh, boy. I finally made an account here! 

Okay so, for anyone thinking about how good is this game: it's not good. It's legendary. There is no turning back after playing Ebon Light. Your standards for Visual Novels after playing? OFF THE CHARTS. 

You will love every LI. Every character, really. Some of them you will love to hate. Maybe I'm talking about cannibals, maybe I'm not. 

It has EVERYTHING: action, TENSION (omg a lot of scenes where you're pretty sure you're about to die any moment now), mistery (everyone seems to have a hundred secrets in Gha'alia and the world Ahnna created is so vast and original and dark that you will want to know more and more until you become a Gha'alian encyclopedia), ROMANCE of course (do you want the sweet protective type? the mysterious manipulative one? the aggresive but teasing? the flirt that falls in love at first sight? the stoic and proud that is in denial? You'll probably want them all.) AND MAGIC! This is a fantasy story, after all. Ancient powers are now... inside you?! What can the proud nation of Gha'alia do against the unknown?! Will you force them to bend the knee? Charm the people and be diplomat (every Gha'alian is terrified by this notion)? Work in the shadows and manipulate everyone? There are SO MANY CHOICES. 

And the replayability is not only connected to the love interests. A mighty, tenacious and vengeful MC will have a completely different experience than a sweet, trustful and non-violent one! 

And I know some of you are a little impatient and we all are looking forward to the release, BUT take into account that our dear and hard-working author is polishing EL with content that wouldn't be there if we had a rushed release! She's the one who wants the game out the most. So have faith in her and replay the demo because it's veeeery likely you missed some pretty awesome bits. And come to the Discord chat if you are really hyped! We have polls, fanfiction, fanart and more! 


Hey, any updates on the full release? I can't wait to play the game :)  (I don't mean to nag btw I'm just super excited for the game!) 


Honestly, I doubt she's going to say anything until it's released which is a real let down. 


I think she only puts updates on her tumblr account


harrow. it me. when will it be released


Just...wow! I was talking with Seraphinite earlier, and she recommended I try your demo. I can't wait for the release. The demo is absolutely amazing! The story is super engaging. I love the customizable MC and also how differently you can play the MC's personality as well.  Furthermore, I absolutely love the lore and the UI. Everything is just blowing me away with this. 

I can hardly wait!  And this will be free? Are you insane? Please make sure there will be a tipping the creator button because you deserve to get some love for this.  :D

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Ok, so I just found this game and I am only ten minutes into the demo and already loving it. I can't believe a game with so much detail and work behind will be free to play. Is really sad that some game creators have to do this things in order to get a name, because oh god, I can't imagine how much effort has gone on this. 

You can be sure that you have someone that will buy this (I guess you will put a "name your own price"?)game once you release it :D

Also, can I just add how amazing the art and the music is? It actually shocked me when I started listening to the music, because is so damn good. Plus, it seem to have lot of options to forge the personality of our character, which is greatly appreciated! 

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I just love everything about this game sooo much! I think I've been playing it for a week now (I mean, with breaks lol) and I still notice new things for example:


dunno how but I didn't find Duliae's ring until yesterday and still I didn't know what to do with it at first but then I was like *lightbulb moment* :D


The amount of effort you put into making this game the gorgeous piece it is is just amazing for me. (I hate that I'm not the best at writing down my thoughts, but I hope it's not too tooo messy! I really want to make sure that you know how much your work is appreaciated so that's why I'm trying :'D) I could blab how much I adore the artwork (damn) , characters and everything else for hours but like I said,  I would rather save you from my incredibly unorganized opinion.. The point is that Ebon Light is an absolutely unique game and it worths any wait. I'm glad I could experience it!  

I hope you have an amazing day and again: thanks for your hard work!! :>

(*drooling over your tumblr*)

Burning question, what DO you do with the ring?

You can give it to Ecarae (the elf who attacks you after escaping from Duliae's house) and he'll leave you alone



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