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 Thank you so much for such extraordinary patience.

Torn from her home, an unfortunate soul finds herself caught in an old and buried secret. The virulent elves who claim the poison within her have imprisoned her on their stormy island, some eager to see what will become of her, others eager to keep their secrets safe. 

As she is hunted, she finds allies, perhaps lovers, many enemies. Her whole life she had spent hidden from the dangers of the world, and now, unfurled before her, a harbinger of something terrible, she must survive Gha'alia.

Ebon Light is a dark fantasy visual novel with romantic subplots, lots of choices, a customizable protagonist, and multiple ways to die.

Feel free to get get in contact over at Discord, Twitter or Tumblr.

Or, of course...



"This House", "Teller of the Tales", "Suonatore di Liuto", "Prelude to Action", "Past the Edge", "Night of Chaos", "Moorland", "Interloper", "Heavy Heart", "Drums of the Deep", "Pippin the Hunchback", "Angevin B", "Thunderbird", "Soaring"

Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


From freesound.org:

'early morning village all 110417am' by klankbeeld

'rainfrog loop 1' by sithjawa 

'Thump' and 'Thumps, Clangs, and Booms - in space!' by bareform

 'creaking sailing boat' by jimsim                                      

 Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

And a special thanks to the many who helped test and edit!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Nov 09, 2019
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsCharacter Customization, Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Otome, Romance, Story Rich
Average sessionA few hours


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Version 2.0
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Hey!!! I'm loving the game so far but I can't save anything at all? The screen for 'an exception has occurred' keeps popping up??

This is definitely one of the greatest games I've played so far. The graphics are just astonishing topped with an intruguing storyline and plenty of entrataining options to choose from. I honestly don't know what I love most about this. Ebon Light offers not only a vast and captivating story but also an original experience, very different from usual visual novels. Being so detalied and well done and having the free hand on actually shaping your character the way you see fit is just incredible. Congratualtions on a marvelous job I'll cetrainly recommend this to others!

This game was recommended to me by some of the followers of my stream and I'm happy for the rec! I have a few small issues here and there, mostly with characters names showing before we meet them and then Alenca knowing their names when I never made a choice where they tell her their names. But, overall, I really am enjoying the game and can't wait to play more and review it for my site. I've played games I bought for $50 that were terrible at world-building and character writing, the writing here is great! No need for characters sitting the player down for 20 minutes to explain the world's backstory to someone who live in it. Ah~ So great!

While I initially paid $5 for the game, I decided that this is easily a game worth $15 and gave y'all another $10. Cheers! :)

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I just finished the game today after a few days of going through every route and almost every choice (as far as I know), and I'm quite impressed. I appreciate that consenting (to be kissed the first time) is included in the game---I'm not sure if any other otome game I've ever played has included this. You can also back out of any romance at any time, though I couldn't bring myself to do so after testing it once. I can't bear to break hearts, even in games.

Of course the art is lovely; that was never in question. My only concerns are regarding the text and story, and I encountered a couple of bugs when playing. I hope problems with the text will be corrected in further updates, as I saw many typos, some issues with tense, subject-verb agreement problems, punctuation mistakes, run-on sentences, sentence fragments (non-stylistic) and trouble with homophones (ex: led/lead). 

TL;DR: I think a good polishing would make the writing even better. It's a little overwrought in general, and that made some bits difficult to read. I'd be happy to help revise the text if asked.

The first bug I found was at the dress shop. After buying a dress in one playthrough, it stays purchased and you cannot buy it in subsequent playthroughs---the game acts like you haven't chosen any of the dresses if you try.

The second bug was an exception at the very end of the "Alluvion Alenca" ending (I had no partner):

The only thing that truly disappointed me was that the outcome of the endgame confrontation with Alenca's enemies could not be changed no matter what I did. It made my prior choices regarding that matter seem meaningless.

I suppose I would have also liked codex entries for the Gha'alian words and phrases in the game. The player has the opportunity to learn what "madralee" means regardless of route, but I would appreciate entries for the other terms of endearment as well. 

Still, this is quite a good game. Thank you very much for your efforts!

(1 edit)

I don't really have anything to comment on, except that the dress buying bug is entirely intentional; not even a bug, really. You can still get the comments for each dress from each LI if you exit the shopping menu and change your outfit during the FIRST line of dialogue; the LI should react as though you just bought it. That's all!

Shit dude... I don't even know what to say... Good job! You've created a masterpiece!

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My first impression is that this game was kind of horror-ish so I'm a bit reluctant to try, but when I did, hoo boy, I was astonished. The art is beautiful. This free-to-play game does surpass my expectation, quite a lot. I enjoyed every bit of it, and all of the Love Interests in EL are quite lovely on their own. I was engrossed with the story plot, even though that this is, undoubtedly, my very first time playing dark fantasy VN. 

I am not 100% sure if I've unlocked every walkthrough/endings for every LI's, but if you want some insight (might be major spoiler ahead!), I can tell you some interesting things that I've came across.

1. If you're not sure who you want to pursue first, I'd suggested Vadeyn. He is such a cinnamon roll you couldn't help but to be endeared by his overall personality. He is the second elf guy you will meet on the ship, after that whole ordeal with Lacey. But if you wanna know how I choose them in regards of playthrough, it's like this : Vadeyn > Haron > Ernol > Lacey > Duliae. I choose Duliae the last because I felt like he's the key of the unfolded secrets, and you will understand better what's happening on his route after you finished with everyone's route. I think Lacey's also can be the last one, but really, it's up to you.

2. When you create your own character, you might be thinking which disposition should you choose, or does it fit with specific LI's overall and so on. In my opinion, it does impact your personality (a little bit perhaps) but at the end, it's your overall choices in the game that greatly influence your character's personality. Either way, I'll give you clue : Vadeyn and Haron will be charmed by you, Ernol and Duliae will like your witty personality while Lacey, he will fall for your "aggressive" determination.

3. Surprisingly enough, it was Lacey who gives you the most nicknames (I think) compared to other LI's. At first he's just provoking you, calling you rabbit, but when you're deeper in his route, he will call you something else c: Before you and Lacey enter tailor shop, there is an option to hold his arm if I'm not mistaken, just hold his arm and you will not regret the choice :) It's more than okay to flirt with him afterwards because he actually likes it (but remember to also keep your bold side in front of him).

4. Vadeyn will constantly worried for you, and he's quite uncomfortable when you both were hanging out with his twin sisters, as they will "spill the tea" about him XD Also, he truly despise the idea of you living in Gha'alia, because he thought you're not worth living in that place in which almost everyone there were against you so many times and they constantly tried to killed you. I think he's the only one who prefer you to get out from the place and he will follow you and live with you, if you choose not to work/stay there. You will know what I mean later :)

5. Haron is the youngest of all, and his behavior does show that. I didn't say that he's not matured enough, but you will understand after you played his route. He will accept your wits, flirts with you and all, but remember, he's actually have sensitive side. If you try to coddle him like a kid when he's all serious, he will be wounded by your action. But don't worry about that much, you will enjoy his route. If you like a character who is openly showing affection towards you in every way, you'll definitely like him.

6. Ernol, is a little bit hard for me to describe. He's that kind of guy who doesn't really know how to properly act when it comes to emotions, since he's all about discipline, serious and rarely smile. He's not a tsundere, but if you seek comfort from him, he will lecture you instead XD But it's not a bad thing, give him some time to be comfortable around you, try being witty and try to flirt with him every now and then, gradually he will opened up to you and he will "awkwardly" confessed to you.

7. For Duliae, you need to have high Cunning or Charm point if you want to be with him in his route. He expected you to sweet-talk with the General and if you've succeed, he'll surely have interests in you. Keep up your wits when you're with him, he'll love it. This is the part where you have to depend on your Cunning trait. If you want a clue on how to increase its point, ask him (or others) a lot of questions if possible and when prompted for choices, answer it cleverly. The biggest hint of all : He LOVES IT when you COMPLIMENT HIS HAIR XD

8. There is a scene in your bedroom that after you choose which character who knocked your door suddenly in the middle of night, it will prompt you to either let them in or not. My advice is, DO NOT LET THEM INSIDE. That is one of the ways you might easily die.

I think I should stop here before I spoil more than I should haha. But as you can see, I truly enjoyed this actual masterpiece. If you want to try playing this but scared of the possible "jumpscare" or "horrific" scenes, take it from me, you wouldn't, I promise you wouldn't at all, and if you do enjoyed playing otome games, this is the one that I highly recommended.

Good art, choices, and more complex characters than usual, variety.

Anyone wondering about a play order: I would not suggest Ernol or Duliae or really even Lacey first. Ernol and Duliae are better played after a couple others so you can get a better sense of the story. Ernol's is less romantic than I thought and more learning, but it makes sense for him. He is a more serious type than originally anticipated (I thought he was awkward but he's more serious than anything). He's close to becoming a general, and fiercely patriotic. Duliae is more romanceable but you almost have to be clever and aware of the scope of things before going into his route. Lacey is hilarious and like trying to romance a Klingon (Star Trek reference). He is a trip. Don't expect anything sweet from him. He is seriously all grit, sarcasm, and tenacity and he likes his women to be that way as well. You'll get the most interesting things from him if you are bold in the face of danger to the point of almost recklessness with few exceptions. Haron has more layers than I expected but is a flirt through and through. Vadeyn is a sweetheart and everyone hates him for it because they are a warrior race. He is the most "typical" I would say but in a good way. Vaedyn and surprisingly Duliae seem to be the most well paced romances. Haron comes on strong and never stops, Ernol is a very slow burn, and Lacey is just himself. None are bad, but I found myself enjoying the pacing of V and D the best. 

I don't think it makes sense to rank them because they all offer something different.

Helpful things: 

1. If you send Chandler away he will always die and everyone is mad at you or a little extra sad about it.

2. Pick up the handwritten note by your bed in Duliae's route when you first wake in his house and talk to the assassin in the hall on the ship (he wants the paper and has info to trade for it).

3. Running away with Lacey (and I suspect the others as well) the night you get back form the ship does not get you or him killed, just a slightly different end to the story.

4. You can scroll back through options picked previously and avoid a lot of saving with the mouse wheel.

5. If you look in the mirror in your bedroom you'll have an extra dialogue option to tell Haron, Duliae, and Ernol about what you saw later but that is all and increases your noise by 2.

6. Saving the coward doesn't seem to have any upside to it.... So, I always killed him.

When choosing to run or stay:

Duliae and Ernol: stay and never surrender (don't fight the guard either)

Haron: stay and surrender/fight the guard or run and run from the others who try to help you

Lacey: run and yell at stranger on the docks

Vadeyn: Run and run from stranger on docks

How do I get a completely clean slate with this game? I messed up when I was in the clothing store, trying to see if I'd get different reactions (didn't wait long enough for them) and now I can't buy the clothes I want. I've deleted the files and reinstalled, I've tried a new file. I've gone into appdata and erased things. Everything I could think of off the top of my head and it's still set to the clothes already having been bought. Any help would be appreciated. 

Had a similar problem, but there's an easy fix: right after leaving the dress selection screen, you go into your inventory and change to the dress you want, the reaction will run as if you bought it. Tested it with Lacey.

Thank you!!!

How do you find the inventory???? My cloak is stuck on for some reason

Underneath the text box, in the middle, there's a faint white shape that you can click on to open a mini menu:

In the menu you click on the little key symbol:

It'll open up your inventory and then you just click 'Change Clothes'. You can also find Igon, there, for your eyes.


Deleted 60 days ago

It's not scary.

Pinky pawmise? :D

There's one instance where it MIGHT be classified as a jumpscare but even that scene isn't very scary. You'll be fine! I'm sure you'll enjoy the game, it's amazing.

Holy shit, this was SO good. Where do I even start?!

1. AMAZING character creator. Yall -- being able to create characters with a diverse range of skin tones, hair colors, and eye colors was a DREAM COME TRUE. I never get to play VNs with this level of detail, and it made all the difference for my playthroughs T___T

2. Really fantastic worldbuilding! I'm a huge fantasy fan, so it was easy to get lost in this world. The world felt large and vast, with a diverse range of races, species, threats, and mysteries. 

3. CHOICES MATTER! Whoooo. This story took twists and turns I never expected, which has made replaying all the more enjoyable! Also, the creator ain't lying -- there are a lot of ways to die in this game, some of which I knew to steer clear of from context, but others I totally stumbled into. Also, I keep discovering new routes I never anticipated, or new areas of the world I hadn't gotten to explore before, or entirely new sets of side characters I never met the first time around. I can FULLY say I intend to play every single route. 

4. Swoon-worthy romances. Each LI is enticing in their own way, and has a lot of depth to them. So far, I've only completed Lacey's (my fave, perhaps because of the thematic way MC begins and ends the tale with him), and Ernol (who is HAWT and intense, but also awkward but adorkable, and did I mention intense, but in the best possible way???). IDK fam, I can see myself enjoying all the other routes and absolutely getting lost in replaying this game for the LIs over and over again. *heart eyes*

5. Meaningful choices, which is especially powerful given heavy themes in the story. I keep thinking back to a moment in the story where Ernol does something intense, bordering on frightening, and my MC actually got to *bring it up* with him -- I'd seen him do the same thing while I was romancing a different LI, so it was SO amazing to see how context and LI routes change when you're on them; it really feels like you're getting unique content all around.

6. A system of fucking character traits that actually matter + an inventory system (that MATTERS, depending on the situation you get your MC into!!) + OUTFITSSSSSSS. *screeches* Being able to collect and change the outfits and eye makeup of my MC at will was fucking AMAZING, and I'm pretty fucking sure how you wear it affects some of the LI routes? The fact that they all comment on the clothing depending on what you choose, just ;LDAKJF;ALDSKJ. The depths of this game. THE DEPTHS.

I'm already too wordy, but basically play this game, and PAY for this game if you can. Goddamn, it's great, and I can't wait to see what else this creator puts out! 

WOW this game was incredible and so much fun to play through, amazing job! 

I've said it once and I'll say it a hundred times: I am willing to wait as long as it takes for a game as great as this. With all the amazing indie games that have been promoted through itch.io lately, this is a must play, not only for those who enjoy visual novels, but for anyone who loves mystery, romance, drama, and one of the most delightfully fleshed out MCs I've ever encountered. God. I just... love her so much.

Ebon Light makes my top ten for games of all time, and I probably won't ever be over it. :')

Hey great game, absolutely loved it!

I was using the script files to help me figure out how to get specific stats, hope that's ok, and I noticed what might be a few mistakes. 

I'm pretty sure that there are some places where the < and > are swapped, like where there's an opportunity to make a smarter action but it checks if you have lower cunning instead of higher. I might be misunderstanding but just in case I wanted to let you know.

There might be more but the ones I noticed are in the second script file on lines 6428,6442,6449,6451, and 6456.

This game is absolutely amazing!!! I loved every single route, which is really rare in a visual novel. 

Currently I'm trying to get all character and place entries and trying to hunt down hidden content. Any chance there is a walkthrough for this? 


(1 edit)

Alright, I can't string together enough words to explain how absolutely stunning this game is but I'm gonna try! 

First: the art! It's incredible! The gothic-esque feel to the color scheme and overall clothing style was stupendous, and the characters were all so lovely and diverse! While the color palate is similar with the elves (which is not at all a negative remark to be clear!), you've still captured unique and individual facial features and expressions for each one and it's incredible. To create so many characters and not have them with the same face-base is just wonderful! I fell in love with each and every one of them! Though I must admit that Haron, Ernol, and Vadeyn are my favorites. <3 

Second: the story! The story didn't go where I expected- although I've only finished once through with Haron so I need to explore more- but I LOVED it! There were twists and turns I had no idea would be coming and it was so plentiful in details that I never felt a moment of boredom. 

I know someone else mentioned this but I felt that I had to let you know that I agree with them and it's another favorite aspect of the game- I adore that I felt free to make the choices I'd naturally make without fear of getting negative reactions from the characters; same for flirting with them because, let's be honest, they're all love worthy! 

I've already shared the game with a few of my close friends who are also into visual novels and I hope to spread it more! I seriously feel everyone should give this at least one play through for the rich experience it provides. 

Thank you for creating such an immersive world that I can get lost for hours upon hours in! 

This game is amazing! I loved all the routes I've played so far because of the personality of the characters and their interactions with the MC. It's well written and there was never a dull moment. Beautifully illustrated, too!

This game is incredible and I highly recommend it. I find it difficult to find well done and fleshed out dating sims because really, they aren't a super popular genre. The indie dating sim scene is full of skilled and talented creators such as this one. Well written, well drawn, and a variety of interesting and engaging characters. Go for Laceaga. He's a babe.

(4 edits)

***Mild Duliae Route Spoilers in the Last Couple Paragraphs (Below the Cut)***

Absolutely amazing game! There are so many great things I could say about it, but I know that if I wait until I have the time to write all those things out, I'll never actually get around to doing it. 

First off, I loved the world you created. Very cool to see a militant, elven society!  And all those dialogue choices!!!! I was drooling over them all. Being able to dictate the MC's personality and make decisions are a couple of the things that I look for in an interactive fiction game, and I loved that who we could pursue/whether or not we were on a romance route were not dependent on these decisions. I felt like I was free to make my character be the way I wanted without being punished for it. (A lot of otome games like to put you on the bad end route if you don't choose the actively flirty options, and I'm not a fan of that.)

Also, I loved all of the characters! I thought Laceaga was going to be my obvious favorite because I love the whole "enemies to lovers" trope...but then came along Vadeyn and he just had the prettiest eyes? And was super nice to the MC? And I was just like "okay, this is it, mmhm." 

But then there was Duliae??? And he's not my type, at all, but he was just very interesting. Always very pragmatic. He clearly has his own agenda, and I was intrigued by how his romance would go. So, I was eventually so curious that I stopped playing Vadeyn's route in the middle (forgive me, Vadeyn!) and switched over to Duliae's. And I love him? He ended up being my favorite route and my favorite romance. I think you handled their dynamic very well, and while there was some, let's say, "suspicious happenings" occurring during his route, their relationship never felt unhealthy or manipulative, which I was initially a little worried about with him. I even came to like the pet name he called the MC. (I forget what it was...darling?) And I usually hate being called that... I don't what happened here, but I liked it.

Also, I spent way too much time constantly changing outfits. Very addictive. XD 

P.S. I stole the ring and made it back into bed for the first time during Duliae's route, and I loved all the scenes associated with those choices. I think that's really what made me start to fall for his character.

This story went NOWHERE i expected it too and i loved it! The protag design and the outfits were incredible and the game itself had such a unique atmosphere and style. The scenery was absolutely gorgeous and Haron has my entire heart. Fantastic job!!!

I don't even know where to start this. Usually, I don't make comments about the visual games that I play, but that one hold a special place in my heart. I have been following the development of this game since the middle of 2019, and I was way too happy when I saw that he was launched, took me no time to download it and start a new adventure. The history is amazing, captivating and once you start it, it is very hard to stop before you reach the end. I loved the atmosphere of the game, the music suit it very well and the CG's (even if not 100% realistic) didn't disappointed me in the least. The protagonist is adorable and the possible choices you can make are very satisfatory, mainly because you can see a strong MC here that think for herself and have her own opinions, aside from all the laughs some choices can give to you. Your actions have consequences, and at some times it may be wise to think twice before just taking a decision. The characters that you can romance are amazing, each and every one of them being different and having a certain grace to their history, even if, for me, Laceaga was one that shined the most (personal taste, it is). Briefly, I loved each piece of this game and would, with no doubt, recommend it to every person that is interested in the genre :)

Absolutely in love with this game. It has a really dark atmosphere, fantastic music, incredible story line and different variety of choices. 

Sir Haron really made a really good first and last impression on me) I feel like we would match in real life as I'm a shy and not really talkative person and he's like the opposite. The dark atmosphere of the game required some additional light which was brought by this lovely fella. He is indeed a really good companion to have even though you would question his intentions in the beginning. Plus, the madralee word that he uses is by far the most wonderful thing anyone has ever called me :D

After finishing the game I've waited for a couple of days before entering the world of Gha'alia one more time in order to know other personas better.  For now I'm trying to choose between Lacey, Ernol and Vadeyn. I like them all and they are all so different. Lacey is really sarcastic and I enjoy having sassy conversations with him. Vadeyn probably has some interesting stories to share. Ernol is Haron's brother so I would really like to know how he's coping with it xD Let's see how it goes.

I totally recommend this game for everyone. You will not regret it. 

Ty for creating it <3 You rock. 

And here is lil drawing of Haron I made because he stole my heart first.

Anyone else unable to play the game and hasn't played the demo? I'm starting the demo now and it loads perfectly fine while the full game is unplayable for me as in it takes forever to load and then crashes. Hopefully it'll work after the demo or something.

Does any of you guys have this weird bug, where you can't save your game? Whenever I try to click on the save slot, nothing happens. And also, I can literally move the save slots on my screen, as if it's one picture. Never happened to me with any of the VNs I played. 

I logged back in after 4 months to see this beautiful gem waiting to be played. Can't wait to dive back in! Thank you SO much, without a doubt i can tell this game is worth the wait. I'm definitely ready dive back in to this wonderful world <3

AHH! I finally logged back on after 3 months and I've gotta say, after waiting 2 years I'm so so SO excited to get to play this game in all its glory. Phenomenal work, and I'm so proud of everything you've done. Thank you so so so so so SO much!!!! 

I cannot wait to get totally lost within the beauty of this game again!

This made my year. So happy to see it done can not wait to dive into all routes and get enraptured in the story. Thank you so much for completing this beautiful work of art.

This game is amazing! I adore the art and story line, each character has something special to bring to the table even if they are not your LI. 

However I do have two question the second one will be a bit of a spoiler for anyone who hasn't played the game.

1. I was wondering if there was any one to completely start the game over again, in a way that would not let me skip things I have previously read, also because i have noticed that the game does allow the character to carry over previously acquired clothes and such which i think is a cool feature but sometimes i would like a clean slate


I was also wondering if there is any way to save Mietwen? In all of my playthroughs she dies, Do i have to side with her for her to live or is that just how the story goes?

(1 edit)

***Spoiler alert*** For  saving Mietwen you need high madness. 

So it seems even with high madness I can't seem to save her? Are there any choices in particular that I need to make?

Also wondering about how to find other hidden content. I checked out the stuff in the walkthrough, and the Mietwen part is not there, so I'm wondering what other goodies are concealed.

I wanna thank every single person who created this wonderful game. A tense atmosphere, a dark and complex world, interesting and mature (for a change) characters, wonderful models and backgrounds, even animation... - everything is perfect. I really enjoy playing this game. 

I just finished the Lacey route (he is definitely my type of characters), and looking forward to seeing everything else.

But in this barrel of honey there are a few drops of tar...
1. CG should be a reward for the game traveler. Something that you really wanna find and spent a bit time to enjoy... But CG in this game are really poor quality. The models of characters made so lovingly and so detailed that you expect something similar from the CG, but it looks more like sketches rather than finished projects..
2. Elf have their own language. I'm not really familiar with Elven language from other sources, maybe it's the same... For example, Lacey calls MC "mysao'ra" (written differently in different fragments). I think this is something like... darling or my love... But I don't know for sure. So... would be nice to have a dictionary.
3. And the endings... I used to see titles of the endings. A bad or good ending should mean something for the gamer. To understand is it the best option or you should play again and try to find something better... 
And, as a result, 1 and 3... It should be the Gallery of endings and CG.

I understand that the game is free and I shouldn't ask for more than I received. But I sincerely believe that there are many people who will be happy to buy this game with these improvements.

Look forward for your new projects.

"mysao'ra" means something like "lethal beauty". I believe it was clarified on the creator's tumblr and in one of the routes. Vadeyn's, maybe?

Thank you. Good to know.

I don't think so... Vadeyn usually calls MC my love. He doesn't speak much elven...

(1 edit)

Its explained in Ernols route!

Also, the game was created by one developer, just to clarify <3

As well, the game doesn't have 'bad' or 'good' endings at all; just different passages in the ending description based on your choices, with none being objectively better or worse than another

I did not pay much attention... And, frankly, it's hard to believe that one person can create both wonderful pictures and an incredibly interesting story with deep characters... Awesome work. Now 

I am ashamed. I'm sorry (

Aw, don't be! I just wanted to clear that up for you in case you wanted to know <3

(1 edit)

Just wanted to drop by and say that I love love love this game. I played it so many times already, and still plan to play some more.

I'm totally in love with this game! The plot, the ART, the characters, all of it is so well made! The relations feel real, and so do the conflicts. Its rare to find a game who sucefully develop so many characters with different personalitys WITHOUT falling in genre conventions. And I have to say, the plot twists really got me from time to time XD

Truly well made, congratulations to all involved! You are amazing!

Hi! I've only just started the game, and the plot is very interesting, and the art is wonderful. My only critic at the moment is I wish there was a bit more variety with the romanceable characters, they look very similar to each other in all aspects (pale skin, haircuts, etc), i'm guessing it's because of the plot, but I wish there was a bit of differences still. Im really loving the game so far though!

I was so very delighted with my first playthrough, love love love it <3 Will keep playing over and over again! So well written and such pretty art 

I. Love. This. Game. Thank you so much for being a rock star and making something so unique and well written. ^_^

omg i checked your tumblr to see if it's ready and i'm so so excited! expect a long review after i'm finished haha! congratulations, i'm so happy you finished it. it's amazing that you're giving it us for free after all your hard work

yesss!!! Finally and btw happy holidays Underbliss

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OMG!!! Is it complete?!?! I can't wait to start playing it again!!! I'm sure it's amazing already though! So well done for yor persistance to complete your art and THANK YOUUU for creating something so splendid!!!

YA'LL. Y A ' L L I just frigging finish the game what am I going to do with my life now HOLY SHIT

ok so cheesy part first: Vadeyn stole my heart the first moment I laid my eyes on him. HE IS SUCH A PURE AND PRECIOUS BOY AND I WILL PROTECT HIM. I'm literally in love, so is my mc. All I'm doing these days is sketching him, dreaming about him and just being in frigging love. 

Now moving on to the technical part. As I said in the past, this game is just amazing, brilliant, beautiful and perfect. Just perfect. From the art, to the writing, to the characters and UI, to the slight smooth animation and all the choices. The skill system, the character customization, just everything- is done so good that it's hard to describe just how.

I love this game. I just love it. Absolutely one of my all time favorite games, and I don't just throw that phrase around. 

Absolutely, and I repeat, absolutely  a true masterpiece.


Vadeyn I love you

I'm also one of the people that made an account just to leave a (lengthy) comment.

===My comment will possibly have SPOILERS, please avoid reading if you dislike them===

So I want to start off with just saying that unlike almost everyone else here, I came into this game completely blind. I never knew about your project and just happened to stumble across it from englishotomegames.com on the 17th of November. The concept seemed interesting and the art looked good. (I'm one of those shallow players that even if the story is good I can't really enjoy the VN if the art is bad.)

Hoo boy was I in for a treat. Like I said, I went in 100% blind so I had NO idea who was supposed to be the "bad guy", who were the love interests, how many love interests there were, what type of choices (or the fact that there would be choices at all), NOTHING. On my initial play through I thought Lacey was going to be the throw away lackey character, Rylen was going to be a LI, Ernol I suspected to be a villian, Haron the guy who betrays you (but regrets it later and comes back to the light side), and Duliae the supportive but still underhanded background character. The only one I actually managed to get right was Vadeyn as the noble sacrifice guy.

I think because of my misconceptions about most of the cast I was really able to enjoy Ebon Light as a unique experience that was much different from other visual novels or otome games. There was a lot of stuff I wasn't expecting - Haron "rescuing" the MC (is this guy serious...?), the "flirting" between Lacey and MC (attempting to agitate him and failing, multiple times, only for him to believe I'm flirting with him and being ok(?) with it), Vadeyn's sisters and (possibly Cali) shipping the MC with him and him getting embarrassed, were some things on my first play through that jumped out.

There's actually a lot of other stuff I wanted to point out that I really enjoyed but I fear my post was way too long and just rambled. I had to go back and delete it just so I could try to remain more focused. I have to say that it's very impressive you did this all on your own, and I think it really shows in the world of Ebon Light that you as a dev had a lot of limitations and worked with them. It's a shame because I think honestly, your world building is superb and with more resources you would have a really immersive world right up there with some of the bigger gaming companies. 

I know you said you are done with EL for now and are eager to move on to other projects since you've worked on this one for so long, but I hope in the future you will revisit this game and expand on it a little further. There is a lot that was teased or briefly mentioned and I found myself wondering about it. I do wish there was an dictionary of some sort for all the elven language we come across in the game. I thought Lacey's pet name for the MC was him being mean/teasing the same way he called her rabbit. I tried googling it to see what it meant but I didn't get any results. It wasn't until I saw Haron and Ernol use it on their routes that I saw it was actually affectionate. There was some other questions about characters back stories or general lore I also had questions about that I wish were expanded upon. There's actually a lot of details I found about EL outside of the game from looking at old comments and posts from a few years back. Not sure if it the case of things changing to fit a better narrative for the story or if things got cut in order to control the scope of the game.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised and wasn't expecting myself to become this addicted to an indy game. For two weeks now I've been playing this game for hours every day and googling whatever I can trying to learn more. Really, it's too generous of you to have this game for free and I hope anyone that says they are a fan will support you with a donation. Between your storytelling and your art, I think its easy to say you have a gift. If you do decide to make anymore games, I'm sure they will just as good or better than EL, and I'm sure there are plenty of people that would really enjoy the games you make. You did a great job.

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